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We get asked why we don't have online quoting.

It's because a quote that's customised to your individual needs is always better in terms of protection and price, but it adds a level of complication that an online form just can't handle. It's also the reason properly comparing online quotes is so difficult.

One of our Insurance Experts can guide you through the quote process better and faster than any automated form.

So let's talk.

People naturally get upset when they make their first insurance claim in 20 years and suddenly their rates go up.

Claims protection might be a solution. Adding it can protect you from potentially huge rate increases if you need to make an at-fault claim. As always, the best policy always depends on your unique situation.

Let's talk.

Insurance companies sometimes get a bad rap with the public, and as insurance brokers, we think that needs to change.

The truth is legitimate claims are dealt with fairly and quickly. New research from JD Power shows that Canadians making weather-related home insurance claims feel better about their insurance company after the claims process. Having a dedicated insurance broker working for you makes the claim process even better.

So let's talk.

We get that insurance probably isn't your favourite topic.

Research tells us most of you—62%, to be exact—would rather go to the dentist or shovel snow than consider your auto insurance. Give us a little bit of your time and we promise it will be more fun than either of those alternatives!

So let's talk.

I understand why people who go 10 years and longer with perfect driving records and no claims feel like that their insurance rates are subsidising bad drivers.

If you are one of these angelic drivers, you should know that some insurers will reward you with insurance rates that reflect your individual driving habits.

So Angel, let's talk.

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Your customised policy and quote will be simpler and faster if you are ready with some specific information about your vehicle and the drivers in your household. Click here for a printable version of this recommended list.