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Optimizing the Home & Auto Insurance Customer Relationship

For your customers: world-class, fully-licensed representation of your brand.
For you: a seamless business-process-outsourcing solution.

Optima Insurance Group (OIG) is a sales, customer service and administrative services provider for Home & Auto Insurance companies and partner insurance brokerages across Canada.

Deliver optimum business results through creative program design, quality customer service and value-added servicing for a select group of long-term clients.

Everything we do at Optima Insurance Group has this mission in mind:

  • the way we choose, train & interact with our people
  • program design based on business objectives
  • the way we interact with our clients’ customers
  • the way we interact with our clients

Our product is Home & Auto Insurance, so at the end-customer level, what we do is protect Canadians and their families.

We achieve this by operating as a seamless extension of our client’s organization. We can take over specific parts of the customer contact management process or handle the entire function on a turnkey basis. Specifically, we:

  • initiate and close sales
  • upgrade and cross sell
  • provide seamless multi-channel customer service
  • reduce and recover customer defections
  • manage policy renewals

With OIG, you get:

  1. World-class performance based on decades of specialization in the Home & Auto Insurance category;
  2. Seamless brand protection and growth at the front end and fully-integrated execution on the back end;
  3. Bank-level security for all your data and customer information;
  4. Complete scalability, and
  5. Your customer stays with you.


More than just houses...

Optima's Home Insurance includes:

Seasonal homes
Rentals/Tenant insurance


More than just cars...

Optima's Auto insurance includes:

Cars & SUVs
Light trucks
Recreational Vehicles